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As soon as you have all the necessary forms, you may submit your taxes right away using the with license code. Choose the TurboTax product you bought, and with the help of Turbo tax software you can sign in and enter your activation code to get start. You’ll need the 16-character activation code to activate your TurboTax Live Federal & State, plus E-file package (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX).

how does tax software work?

While tax preparation software may vary based on the software provider, Then you can anticipate that most tax preparation software will operate similarly. Typically, tax records like your W-2, 1099 K, or 1099-INT are used to enter your income. You also list any possible tax deductions, such as those for business costs, health savings account contributions, mortgage or student loan interest.

Depending on the tax software you select, you can be questioned in a similar manner to how you would be if you hired a tax professional. In other circumstances, you might have to input your data directly onto a tax form, and you might require extra tax expertise to make sure you do so correctly.

You can determine if you owe taxes or are eligible for a refund by using the navigation features in the tax program. To pay taxes or to get a direct payment into your bank account, you can input your banking information. Finally, you have the option of filing electronically or on paper.

steps to

  • Firstly Go to with license code.
  • Signin to your turbotax account or create a new account.
  • Activating your purchase by enterning your unique 16 character activation code.
  • To finish select your state.
  • To finish this is your (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX).

how to update turbotax account information?

To update your TurboTax (non-Advantage) account email, phone number, mailing address, or password:

  • Sign in to with license code and select Intuit Account on the left, just above Sign Out (you may need to scroll down; select the 3 white lines or Tax Home if you still don’t see this).
  • Select Sign in & Security to update information like your user ID, password, phone number, or email. Or select Personal Info to update information like your name, address, or job.

Pros of using turbotax software

  • Intuitive for tax novices
  • Options, options, options
  • Comprehensive customer guarantees